Drive Chains

Drive chain is mainly used to transfer power, and is widely used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, escalator drive, logistics transportation, packaging machinery and other industries.


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Chain Material

The product adopts high-quality raw materials, suitable heat treatment process and advanced manufacturing equipment, with good comprehensive performance.Based on the research and practice of chain fatigue, wear and precision, a series of high-end chain transmission products with high wear resistance, high fatigue strength and high precision have been developed.


Type of Drive Chain

Stainless steel chain

The material of the parts is stainless steel, which is suitable for food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical erosion and high and low temperature applications.

Side bend chain

This kind of chain has larger hinge clearance and chain plate clearance, so it has greater flexibility and can be used for bending transmission and conveying.

Short pitch precision roller chains

Short pitch precision roller chains are widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other fields, transmitting power for all kinds of machinery and facilities.

Clamping conveyor chain

It is suitable for walking wheat, rice harvester, fixed motor rice wheat thresher and semi feeding combine harvester.

Sharp tooth chain

Widely used in wood industry, such as wood feeding and output, cutting, conveying, etc

Hollow pin chain

For conveying, single pitch, double pitch and long pitch are available. Accessories or cross bars can be inserted into any link of the chain without removing the chain.


Industry Application

Drive Chain

Food Industry

Chain for food industry is widely used in various food processing machinery, such as meat production line, noodle making machinery, sugar making machinery, laver processing equipment, melon seeds processing equipment, sausage processing equipment, dairy filling equipment, ice cream production equipment, etc.

Metallurgical Industry

Through continuous innovation, research, and development, various chains suitable for the metallurgical industry are manufactured, including chains for plate conveyors for conveying ore and waste, chains for producing metal cooling conveyors such as steel pipes and bars, chains for drawing steel products and various unique chains.


Process Characteristics



Wide waist design of chain plate improves fatigue performance.


High efficiency blanking of chain plate.


Reasonable parametric control of heat treatment.


The fatigue performance of chain plate is improved by steel ball extrusion.


Running in / pre pulling reduces initial wear.

Heavy-duty cranked-link drive chains

Heavy-duty cranked roller chain for heavy-duty drive conforms to ISO 3512, ASME B29.10, DIN 8182, and other standards. Using high-quality materials and advanced processing technology, the product’s tensile strength reaches the minimum tensile strength of the ISO standard by more than 1.15 times. It is suitable for open power transmission occasions under heavy working conditions such as low speed, heavy load, dust, difficulty in coplanar two sprockets, etc. It is mainly used in large machineries such as mines, metallurgy, and engineering machinery.

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Other Type Chains

1. The pitch of a double-pitch transmission chain is twice that of the short-pitch precision roller chain, and the other interchangeability dimensions are the same. The tensile strength and hinge supporting area of the double pitch roller chain are the same as those of the corresponding short pitch precision roller chain.

——Double pitch transmission chains

2. The motorcycle sealing ring chain is a high-quality material, lubricating grease, and advanced processing technology. The products have the characteristics of high fatigue strength, high wear resistance, and so on, to meet the use requirements of motorcycles with different displacements and uses, and are widely used in various motorcycle races and motorcycles used on highways.
——Motorcycle chains

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