Agricultural machinery chains

Agricultural machinery chain is mainly used in rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other agricultural machinery to provide driving and conveying functions, and realize mechanized operation in the whole process of agricultural production from farmland, sowing to harvest.

Agricultural machinery drive chains

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● Agricultural machinery drive chain conforms to ISO, ANSI, JIS, and other standards, mainly including standard roller chain, H series heavy-duty roller chain, and SP series high-strength short-pitch roller chain;

● Heavy-duty and high-strength roller chains adopt high-quality raw materials and a unique heat-treatment process. The product has high fatigue strength, wear resistance, and impact resistance. The initial wear resistance is ensured by high-quality grease lubrication, and the wear resistance is higher than that of an ordinary roller chain.

● Products are widely used in rice machinery, balers, rotary tillers, harvesters, and other agricultural machinery, transmitting power for various agricultural machinery.


The chain used in the agricultural machinery industry is applied to agricultural machinery such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, etc., which provides driving and conveying functions, and realizes mechanized operation in the whole process of agricultural production from cultivated land sowing to harvesting. It is mainly used in farm machinery and equipment such as rice, corn, cotton, hay, etc.


Adopt high-quality materials, professional design, and advanced technology to ensure that the chain has the properties of wear resistance, impact resistance, high strength, high fatigue, high reliability, and long service life, and meets the use requirements under severe working conditions of less lubrication, more dust, high load and more impact in agricultural production.

Main products:

Chains for rice harvester: sharp tooth chain, lifting chain, and short pitch precision roller drive chain

Chains for corn combine harvester and cotton picker: combine harvester chain and accessories, cotton picker chain, and precision roller chain for various drives

Other agricultural machinery chains include steel pin chains, O-ring chains, and other unique agricultural machinery chains and accessories.

Specification drawing: