Drive Chain

Drive chain is mainly used to transfer power, and is widely used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, escalator drive, logistics transportation, packaging machinery and other industries.

Heavy duty cranked-link drive chains

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● Heavy-duty cranked roller chain for heavy-duty transmission conforms to ISO 3512, ASME B29.10, DIN 8182, and other standards.

● There is only one kind of curved plate link in the structure of curved plate roller chain, and the bending of the chainplate enables the chain to absorb significant impact load; The gap between the pin shaft, sleeve, and chain plate is large, which can keep good flexibility under severe working conditions.

● Using high-quality materials and advanced processing technology, the product’s tensile strength reaches the minimum tensile strength of the ISO standard by more than 1.15 times.

● It is suitable for open power transmission occasions under heavy working conditions such as low speed, heavy load, dust, difficulty in coplanar two sprockets, etc. It is mainly used in large machineries such as mines, metallurgy, and engineering machinery.

Typical product structure:


(1) Metallurgical Industry Through continuous innovation, research, and development, various chains suitable for the metallurgical industry are manufactured, including chains for plate conveyors for conveying ore and waste, chains for producing metal cooling conveyors such as steel pipes and bars, chains for drawing steel products and various unique chains. Features:

The metallurgical chain is highly reliable and suitable for high temperature, heavy load, continuous impact load, dust, iron filings and scales, corrosion and high humidity, etc. Personalized system solutions are provided according to user requirements.

Main products: Steel coil conveying chain, steel pipe production line chain, and other steel mill giving chains; Cathode copper conveyor chain, etc.

(2) Tobacco Machinery

Chain for tobacco machinery mainly includes the redrying chain, storage cabinet chain, and feeder chain in cigarette manufacturing equipment.

Features: Through optimized design, proper material selection, and precise manufacturing, the product has the characteristics of environment resistance, wear resistance, stable operation, and high reliability, and meets the operational requirements of tobacco machinery with a complex working environment, high quality, high efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Main products: Tobacco mechanical conveying chain.