Engineering chains

Engineering chain is widely used in automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, palm oil, sugar, environmental protection equipment, engineering machinery, bulk material transportation and other industries.

Scraper conveyor chains

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● Scraper conveyor chain has various types and is widely used in powder, granule, block, and other materials conveying machinery;

● Typical product structure:

1. Chain with R-type attached plate

2. Chain with U-shaped accessory

3. Chain with L-shaped accessory

Typical product structure:

(1)Chain with R-type attached plate

(2)Chain with U-shaped accessory

(3)Chain with L-shaped accessory


1) Metallurgical Industry

Through continuous innovation, research, and development, various chains suitable for the metallurgical industry are manufactured, including chains for plate conveyors for conveying ore and waste, chains for producing metal cooling conveyors such as steel pipes and bars, chains for drawing steel products and various unique chains.


The metallurgical chain is highly reliable and suitable for high temperature, heavy load, continuous impact load, dust, iron filings and scales, corrosion and high humidity, etc. Personalized system solutions are provided according to user requirements.

Main products:

Steel coil conveying chain, steel pipe production line chain, and other steel mill giving chains; Cathode copper conveyor chain, etc.

2) Bulk Material Industry

Donghua bulk material conveying chain has been widely used in the core giving equipment in cement, mine, coal, and other fields, such as cement equipment, mine getting equipment, coal conveying equipment, stacking and fetching equipment, etc.


● Excellent material selection and precision manufacturing, especially suitable for large impact load, high temperature and dust, and other particular environments, providing system solutions for various occasions where bulk materials are used.

● The chain with a particular sealing structure has long service life and low maintenance. It has been applied to stacker-reclaimer equipment in cement plants, steel mills, thermal power plants, and other dusty environments.

Main products:

Stacker and reclaimer chain, hoist chain, scale conveyor chain, zipper machine chain, sprocket, and various accessories.

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